Pharmacy for free Anti-Malaria-Drugs in Loum ?

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Last night, when we were sitting on the veranda as usual
discussing our future the subject of HEALTH sprang up, a
constant sorrow in an area where almost everybody lives
off agriculture, no industry or service being here but the
only work available being plantantion worker in one of
the huge fruit plantations owned by French companies.

We discussed the future processes needed to be done for
our hotel afrôtel in Douala, the registration of the
documents in Limbé next week, and the fact that it will
take us longer for the project being realized because
the search for investors will only begin after the
legal setup is done and well documented.

Then another thought intervened.

Last month two of our kids here in my adoptive family
caught malaria and had to be cured. I sent money from
Switzerland to buy the needed drugs and infusion material,
and so that was it.

BUT: What about all those people who don’t have the money
to buy those antimalaria drugs or other needed stuff like
antibiotics when gravely ill ? Then I had a thought. Why not
SET UP A PHARMACY providing the local population with
free (emergency) drugs ? There are pharmacies here, but of
course they only SELL drugs, and they don’t have an
emergency nurse employed who can help first aid and advise
about dosages and usage of the drugs, which we would also
employ to run the pharmacy.
That’s what I thought. In fact, we already live on a piece of
land with a small house (in which I currently live) that
could be bought off the owner, and on the premises there
is enough space to add a small brick house that can be
used for that purpose. The above picture shows the

Of course the family is all for it – and me too. It does
not cost much, but helps a lot.

So I’m addressing you before going crowdfunding. To all
people out there having connections to the pharma industry:
Provide us with free antimalaria drugs and antibiotics.
Help us finding a reliable supplier for it, and we will
surely be able to set up a small pharmacy here. A small
donation in the name of afronum (
would be welcome of course.

Listen up, Bill Gates. Now you have something to do :-)

BTW: For all those who think that we’re changing priorities
all the time instead of sticking to one thing let me tell
you: This isn’t Europe or the US. Priorities have to be
changed according to needs. There is a time for everything
in life – sooner or later.

Thanks for reading!

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