SW@XE consulting SARL 2017

Because we felt a lack of commitment by the public for our projects we decided to focus more on our company SW@XE SARL (founded in 2003)in Dakar/Senegal, which will allow us to be more independent financially and get a new breath for our NGO projects with afronum.

Our main tasks are consulting for West Africa. Our website


will be online soon.

J. Friedli

Winterthur, 27.12.2016

Dear readers

It’s been a long time since I have published an article. I hope for your understanding. We are fighting financial problems at this time.

To get in gear again, we have reactivated our company SW@XE SARL consulting in Dakar/Senegal. We will be concentrating on business there in 2017 in the hope that surplus benefit of these activities can be used for our projects with afronum.

I was forced to close the comment sections due to massive spamming. Please send me an email (see About us – Staff) in case of interest in our activities !

Thank you !

J. Friedli

Winterthur, 28.05.2016

For the moment, we are at a standstill with our activities due to the lack of sponsors for our Bush Taxi as well as investors for afrôtel, our hotel.

Nevertheless I have updated our PDF’s, please see the section “Downloads”.

….and we will arrive at our goals :-)

J. Friedli

Loum, 12.01.2016

My stay in Cameroon is almost over – Saturday I’ll fly back to Switzerland with some tears in my eyes…we have succeeded in setting up everything we wanted and 2016 will be the year we have to put all our energy in looking for investors for our hotel afrôtel. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the beach in Kribi – no time – but that day will come too :-)


Our boys !

Loum, 09.12.2015

We still have no power, but we do our best to entertain you until we get facts done. Here you see a typical Cameroon scene taken at night in Loum at a relative’s place.


Tomorrow we will open our business bank account and get the registration for afrôtel SARL done. Then we’re ready to start with market surveys and other necessary tasks in order to progress here in Cameroon.

Stand by for more news!


Loum, 06.12.2015

I have arrived in one piece, but: We don’t have electricity here since my arrival…due to a burnt transformer which apparently can’t replaced easily…and the Internet connection is so slow that it can take up to 10 minutes to load a single page. So, working conditions are about as bad as they can be.

However, I’m working on a solution and will get back to you with hopefully better news soon. We’re having a meeting with the Ecole Bilingue de Bakossi next week and will also work on legalizing the new company afrôtel SARL for the planned hotel.


Welcome at afronum !

Be welcome on the new afronum webpage!

This new site will give you a thorough impression of our work.

The site is NOT complete yet, I’m working on it. Thanks for your patience !

Don’t hesitate to contact us by mail !

Best regards
Your team afronum
J. Friedli