How afronum came into existence…

afronum started its activities in 2003 with a development project of the IT support company SW@XE SARL
in Dakar/Senegal. The project was named “afronum” (Afrique numérique, “digital Africa” = afronum). First donations in form of
desktop computers and servers were made to schools. The next project was introducing IT with a Windows network to the
mayor’s offices in Grand Dakar, and this resulted in our biggest project in Senegal, the creation of a school for communication
for the Sûrété Nationale (Police) in 2004. This lot of more than 100 Compaq Pentium II PC’s and servers was possible through
donations of the “Zurich Group” company. The final goal of afronum will be the creation of an own school
of telecommunication in the near future. Other than existing IT schools in Africa, EPT afronum (Ecole professionnelle de
télécommunication) will be focussing on Open Source software such as UBUNTU or Debian Linux for both server and
client applications (LTSP, XAMPP), whereas Windows will be supported at request. Since 2013 afronum is working in Loum/
Cameroon, the branch in Senegal is working independently.

At this date (2015), following projects have been realized:

– Primary school “Ecole Keur Mbaye Fall” (2003), Senegal

– First donations Police Dakar and Windows network Mayor’s offices Grand Dakar (2004), Senegal

– IT-School Police Dakar (Sûrété National) (2004), Senegal

– Matam (Cybercafe and school) (2007), Senegal

– Thiès: Creation of a Primary school (Non-IT) (October 2008), Senegal

– Loum: Cooperation with school „Ecole Bilingue Route de Bakossi“, since 2013, Cameroon