afronum and its work depend on your support and donations ! As an NGO we don’t make profit. We currently work on obtaining a certification for our NGO, because we’ve been told that this would facilitate our search for sponsors. In addition to that, our hotel afrôtel, which will operate from the beginning of 2017 latest, will allow us to act more independently, since a big part of hotel profits will be used for our NGO projects !

I usually work on site in Cameroon end of the year, this allows me to ensure transparency. Our website has been set up primarily for information exchange, which includes:

– giving an overall view of afronum to our visitors

– transport information, documents and videos of our work

– enable direct communication between us and our supporters

You can support us directly:

Bank transfer / E-finance

Our account is:

Post account Switzerland: 87-768105-3

After having received your donation, I will contact you personally by e-mail or


Thank you very much !